Sunday, May 3, 2015

Taxi registration

Whenever I see a black SUV or Prius make an especially aggresive and dangerous maneuver I check the bumper to see if it has a TCP number.  I can't remember what TCP stands for, but it's for limos and such and it means the driver is probably going to do something illegal.  Staring at bad drivers is definitely a bad habit that serves me ill and doesn't improve the world, but I have trouble letting go of my astonishment at drivers trying to, for example, turn left across three lanes of heavy traffic.  I'm not quite enough of a busybody to call in complaints or anything, but in the case of this vehicle it would have been futile anyway:

Maybe a) they shouldn't allow cursive script for TCP license numbers and b) they shouldn't let the drivers apply it themselves, lest they do as bad a job applying stickers as they do navigating traffic.

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