Friday, May 8, 2015

Pomona College, the future, and (the) Doms Lounge

I enjoyed my college reunion. Pomona runs a very thorough and all-encompassing reunion program and makes everything easy and comfortable. And I have plenty of nostalgia for the campus. I did have misgivings, perhaps best expressed by Freddy deBoer:

And I am even more upset by their parents, who crowd the halls on the endless campus tours and constantly ooh and ahh over the 55-vertical feet of climbing wall but seem not to care about the fiscal future of their children. ...  

I am amazed that these appear to be the two options now: Disneyworld plus maybe some classes if you feel like it, or sweating in your basement while you cheat on a test “proctored” by a beleaguered adjunct teaching 5,000 students a semester for $11 an hour. Why hasn’t some established college decided to make its reputation as a stripped-down, efficient, inexpensive place where teaching and learning are valued ahead of a luxury dorm experience? Where are the colleges saying “Look, we won’t have the badminton team or the lazy river pool ... but ... we’ll get you out of here on time with minimal loans, ready to start your young life with a quality education and without crushing debt”?

Our class dinner was in Doms Lounge (not Dom's Lounge, mind you.  It's a good thing it was built after my time on campus or I would have had to mention Doms Lounge at least once a day for four years), part of the sprawling mass of brutalist-detailed, neo-classical-styled concrete comprising the Smith Campus Center.  Here are the bookable spaces:

Hart Room 201 (Capacity: 60)

Available only for very special functions, this grand room has a vaulted ceiling, large tables which can seat up to a total of 60, depending upon arrangement, and an informal seating area. Various setups available. Some built-in A/V.

Room 208 (Capacity: 100)

This lecture style room has movable seating and is ideal for presentations or lectures. Various setups. Built-in A/V.

Room 212 (Capacity: 20)

This formal room is designed for intimate gatherings and has a mix of tables and chairs and soft furniture ideal for small receptions or meals.

Room 217 (Capacity: 25)

This room features a large hollow-square table with seating.  There is a built-in screen, video projector and computer input, along with a corkboard/white board.

Room 218 (Capacity 12)

This room features a conference table and seating and includes a built-in screen, video projector and computer input, along with a corkboard/white board.  The room also has an upright piano for rehearsal and practice.

Room 235 (Capacity: 40)

A mix of soft furniture and tables in this room can allow for comfortable receptions, small meetings or larger meetings. Various configurations available.

SCC Social Room - Room 018 (Capacity: 165)

This large space in the lower level of the Smith Campus Center is ideal for parties, social events, and small band performances. The space is furnished with soft furniture and a small stage.

Doms Lounge (Capacity: 185)

The room contains a stage, intricate lighting, a "plug and play" sound system, as well as a built-in bar. The Lounge is accessible through a stairwell off of the Campus Center's main breezeway, Ulf Walk, as well as from the south side of the building (Stover Walk). An outdoor patio features tables and chairs, tiered seating and an inclined grassy area.

Rose Hills Theatre/Rose Hills Theatre Lobby - Room 015 (Capacity: 200)

The Located in the lower level of the Smith Campus Center, this state of the art presentation space features video, 35 mm film, slide and computer projection as well as a built in sound system. This is an ideal space for lectures, films or multi-media presentations. The lobby offers a convenient location for pre or post-event receptions. Audience seating. Built in A/V.

Edmunds Ballroom - Room 155 (Capacity: 350 - 900)

The largest space in the center, the Edmunds Ballroom can seat 300 at round tables for dining events, 500 in audience row seating and up to 900 if cleared. There is also a portable stage available for performance. Please be sure to discuss setup needs with a staff member of the Smith Campus Center. Various setups available.

Courtyard (Capacity: 800)

This beautiful courtyard features outdoor umbrella tables and chairs. Elegant aspects of the space include landscaping, the Smith Fountain and a commanding view of Marston Quad. Please note however, that this is a public space and although it can be reserved, access to the Sagehen Café, the Coop Fountain, the Coop Store, student mailboxes, and the ATM cannot be restricted.

Steele Forum (Capacity: 50)

This two story space is located just outside the entrance to the Edmunds Ballroom and is perfect as a reception area for large events in the ballroom. It is located along one of the main traffic pathways through the building making it an ideal location for presentations or vendor fairs as well.

Lower Level Lobby (Capacity: 50)

This is a spectacular space with stunning art pieces. It is located on the west end of the building, just outside the entrance to the Rose Hills Theatre. Please note that this too is a public area and often a busy traffic route.

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