Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stuck selecting a Front End, or, seriously, batman.js? Part 3

In Part 2 of this series, we considered 10 Lightweight Alternatives To Bootstrap & Foundation.  You may be wondering why there are several billion different free and open source pieces of internet infrastructure lying around for anyone to use.  Model View Culture explains:

Our company is open sourcing this project/product/codebase because we want to make it available to the world, give back to the community, and promote innovation on top of our existing work.

What Your Culture Really Says: Someone on our team built this shit in their spare time because our engineering team is full of special snowflakes with too much venture funding who don’t understand the term “company priorities,” but hey, we’re just going to open source it to “build goodwill in the community.” It’s fine. We tried to sell this as a proprietary product and no one wanted it and/or we were too incompetent to sell it. We no longer want to carry the weight of this software because we don’t have the resources or funds, and we either can’t afford or won’t prioritize hiring more people to work on it, but maybe we can get some poor sucker out there to do it for free. This code contains absolutely no innovations, progressions or aspects that could potentially be useful to competitors or potential competitors, so is unlikely to advance the state of the industry and market overall, but we can write a press release about it.

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