Friday, April 3, 2015

Ranking the construction projects on Franklin: Round 2

Another non-obvious way to rank construction projects: how many people are going to die there?


3rd Place: The Washingtonian

26 condos.  I haven't heard of any on-site construction deaths, so any numbers here are going to be from heart attacks, murder-suicides, etc.  And a lot of these will probably end up as vacant investments for foreign money.  So, it's possible nobody will die there.


2nd: 1634 Pine

262 residential units and some retail. Same logic as 3rd place, but with those numbers, somebody's got to go sooner or later.


1st place: CPMC Van Ness and Geary Campus

The 12-story acute care hospital will be home to women’s, children’s, cardiology, oncology, emergency care and transplant departments, and will have 274 patient beds (CPMC).

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