Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ranking the construction projects on Franklin: Round 1

In five blocks of Franklin Street in San Francisco, there are three major construction projects.  I want to rank them in as many non-obvious ways as possible, in the vein of the Barometer question.  So building height, cost, dates of construction, addresses, are all obvious.  Help me out and send your suggestions for non-obvious metrics.  Round one: Penmenship.

3rd: 1634 Pine

Surprisingly legible for last place, but still last place.

2nd: Van Ness and Geary

This one was very hard to judge because there is almost no hand-written signage around this mega-project.  This is all I could find, and it's quite tidy.

1st: 1450 Franklin

Superb. And not a fluke; many similar signs around the construction area are equally impeccable.  Winner.

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