Monday, April 13, 2015

BMW drivers getting tickets, 4th in a series

This isn't a BMW, but it's still cool.  Here's a Mercedes stopped at a bus stop.

Here's a bus, equipped with cameras to automatically issues tickets.

Happy ending.

Meanwhile, SF busses can only issue tickets to stopped cars, because a moving violation is legally different.  There is work in progress to broaden these powers.  I think the arguments against this are interesting.  One argument, well, a batch of arguments seem to be bogus objections from drivers who don't want to lose privilege.  You can do your own research on those.  The other type is a civil liberty argument.  I find this more interesting because I've more or less come half circle on these.  I used to reflexively accept the civil liberty arguments that broadly and automatically collecting data like this is a slippery slope.  I still agree that there are plenty of examples of entities diving down that slope to abuse (like DMV or hospital employees looking up personal information, or pretty much everything the NSA seems to do).  But the case for pedestrians and cyclists and other modes against abusive drivers is so strong that I see a much more nuanced gray area now, and I am whole-heartedly in support of this particular example of using bus cameras to issue parking and, hopefully, moving citations.

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