Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The remote control pouch is done

Forty-two stitches cast on; then about 25 rows stockinette for the back, then a basket-weave pattern from Vogue (nothing fancy, just knits and purls). Note that the definition of right side and wrong side flips at the fold. To form the pouches, I slipped the upcoming stitch, grabbed the left side of the backing stitch (the left part of the “V” shape that one knit stitch makes to the left needle, then slipped the un-knit stitch back to the left needle, then grabbed the right side of the V, then did k3tog or p3tog as appropriate to the pattern. Something similar for the edges. So the whole thing is knit, no sewing.

I threaded a coathanger through the top for stiffness, but it still sags; maybe doubled coathanger or a dowel or something would work better.

Also knitting is probably the wrong art for a pouch since knit fabric is stretchy, but I don’t sew.


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