Sunday, December 7, 2014

The DevOps documentation you are looking for

This document is currently being used in production at several large sites, but there are some experiences and intimations which scar too deeply to permit of healing, and leave only such an added sensitiveness that memory reinspires all the original horror.
One of the more aggravating elements of software development is that in involves a lot of administrating of computers.  The newest nickname for this is "DevOps", for Developers doing Operations.  I briefly considered learning Puppet before deciding to postpone for as long as practical the automation of server administration for my projects.  Finally, however, the documentation I needed is available, thanks to this project that combines Puppet documentation with HP Lovecraft.
Then I came to a downward incline and began its descent—though after a time halted by a gaping, ragged chasm whose narrowest point could not be used in a client/server formation
The Doom that Came to Puppet

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