Friday, November 14, 2014

Things that have happened recently while programming

One.  I was typing in a terminal window and viewing the results of my work in a browser window.  I couldn't see any changes from what I was doing.  A common rookie mistake is to type into one environment and look for results in a different environment, such as working on the development server and checking the production server.  I'm no rookie so I have safeguards against this, like naming things "dev" and "production".  And just to be certain, I made a huge, deliberate error that would have broken things, and sure enough, I could see in the terminal window that things broke, so I could be completely sure that I wasn't typing on one server and viewing on a different server.  Do you see what just happened in that last sentence?  It took me about an hour to catch on.

Two.  I have a function that I have strongly suspected for a very long time should be recursive.  I just allowed it to be recursive.  It works better.  I feel relieved.

Three.  That function that's now recursive?  It just broke again.

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