Saturday, October 25, 2014

Something you can do today to make the US better

I've been contributing to Lawrence Lessig's quixotic attempt to get corrupt money out of US national politics by raising money to support reformers and remove the worst politicians.  Mayday.US's effort in Michigan's sixth Congressional district is apparently not totally quixotic, because the corrupt incumbent is reportedly threatening some of Lessig's big-money donors who have business pending before his committee.  That seems pretty straightforwardly corrupt.  Read Lessig's post.  Then give some anti-corruption money.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Air travel means more hats

Finally sewed up the equilateral triangle hat:

And made a new hat.  I brought a few new stitches to try out, and ended up with this twist stitch diamond pattern.  It seems like a big pain at first because it's all togs and knitting through the back loop, but once you get the hand of the left and right twist stitches they get easier and faster.  I'm finishing it off with a little tail; not sure how long it'll go.  I thought it would be too big for an infant but it's quite dense and not eager to stretch

Ravelry pattern for twist stitch hatRavelry project for the equilateral hat.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Less popular, but still equally valid, signs of the coming apocalypse.

The increased use of the word "training" as a countable noun, as measured through the published use of the shouldn't-be-a-word "trainings".