Sunday, July 27, 2014

I still hate computers, but I solved my problem

I finally solved the problem described in this blog post, in which, in order to improve my "Songs not in 4/4" website so that several different people could each have an opinion about the time signature of a song, I needed to figure out how to get a number from point A to point E in the website code.  This ended up taking 8.5 hours of work.  That doesn't count the work put in by kind souls who, when I gave up and asked for help, provided it.  This does not include the time spent recovering from the moment when, just I had just gotten everything perfectly poised (in nerd terms, the website hit the breakpoint and paused and I had the debugger open in a terminal) to dissect the final data transmission failure between, let's call them point D and point E, I was interrupted by a blowout by a certain mammal not to be named at this juncture but weighing under 20 pounds and sitting on the couch next to me, and while I was in the process of carefully separating this mammal from any solids and/or fluids and/or gels that may have been emitted, the uninterruptible power supply started keening, a sound that turns out to signify that, rather than uninterrupting the power supply, it had instead interrupted the otherwise perfectly acceptable power being supplied to my computer, causing not only the computer to shut down but the virtual machines I was working in to get confused, such that a problem I had solved weeks ago (nerd terms: a default expiration of 30 days on x509 ssl certificates is a pain in the ass thirty-first day that your webserver tries to talk to your database) returned from under the waves where it did eternal lie.  That all amounted to another hour or so.  Nor does it count the time spent replacing the mouse battery that just died while writing the last sentence.

So.  Problem solved.

The final piece of the solution was, in case you are curious, that
song_id = form.song_id 
needed to be
song_id =['song_id']

The identities and species of some individuals described in this post may have be modified to preserve anonymity.

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