Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Introducing Milo Cousens Aufrecht

Beth Lynn Cousens and Joel S Aufrecht joyfully introduce to you Milo Cousens Aufrecht, born 16 June 2014 (18 Sivan 5774) and welcomed into his community in a Simchat Ben on 23 June 2014 (25 Sivan 5774).

Ruach avoteinu v’imoteinu, kayeim et hayeled hazeh l’aviv ul’imo. V’yikarei sh’mo b’yisrael Yosef Ben Basha Leah v’Yoel Shmuel. Yismach ha’av b’yotzei chalatzav v’tageil imo bifri bitna. Zeh hakaton gadol yih’ye. K’sheim sh’nichnas labrit, kein yikaneis latorah ul’ahava ul’ma’asim tovim.

May the spirit of our ancestors sustain this child through his parents’ loving care. Let him be known among our people Israel as Yosef, son of Basha Leah and Yoel Shmuel. May his mother and father rejoice in his creation and in the growth of his body and soul. May his name be a source of joy to him and may it inspire him to a life of Judaism, of learning, of love and of kindness. And let us say, Amen.

You are invited to read the thoughts and blessings of those who welcomed Milo on his eighth day.

Milo is preceded by several miscarriages and is the result of assisted reproduction. We are grateful for the many kindnesses and, perhaps more significantly, the medical talents of the doctors and researchers at UCSF Medical Center and Women's Health Clinic. We're not the first to go through this and unfortunately won't be the last. To that end, a call for action in Jewish communal life around support for ART is here and an outline of our experience is here. May they be healing to those who need them and may there be more babies in the world born to those who want them.

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