Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finished the baby blanket; had a deadline

The baby blanket is finally done; I came under time pressure and had to focus.

The Honeycomb Brioche pattern was very tough: simply and easy enough to learn because it's just
1: k1, k1b
2: k2tog using dropped stitch, k1
3: k1b, k1
4: k1, k2tog using dropped stitch
BUT. It's extremely hard to undo mistakes, or even to spot them, and it's very easy to make mistakes, and with the 1x1 pattern, you can ruin a whole row very quickly. After a few false starts, I sort of had to grit my teeth and decide to try and fix only the worst mistakes, and to live with all the others, and once or twice I had to let even the worst mistakes go uncorrected. I was making up the whole pattern with the colored border (garter stitch, with a two-row and two-stitch garter stitch border in the blue) and had no idea how to join them, as you can see from the disastrous attempts at the bottom, and only learned the right way after it was too late to avoid some ugly patches. But it's done and I like it. Art/life metaphor, what?

The Ravelry project.

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