Monday, June 9, 2014

Another day, another app

This weekend I spent six hours trying to reproduce the tutorial application in Django. I guess it paid off, because this evening I was able to build and deploy my first real app on the new in about 2.5 hours, and maybe an hour of that was fussing with date equations, time zones, and date string formatting. I also discovered that time inside a repeatedly stopped and started virtual machine may not be reliable.

The app is something I thought of a few days ago in response to repeated inquiries. It's a "dead-man switch", which is used to change something for which, at the moment it must be changed, it is impossible to take action to change it.  So it's the opposite of a regular switch: it only activates when you stop pushing it.  The canonical example is an conductor's emergency brake on a train. Another example is this Outer Limits episode, which is so scary that even though I only saw bits and pieces of it while channel-surfing so long ago that I still had a TV, I'm never going to watch it again.  Here's another, even scarier example.

Since we have an event upcoming which fits this profile, in that I can update before it happens but probably not during, I coded up a dead man switch, which you can see here:


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  2. I love this app you made! It's brilliant. That said, we are eagerly awaiting updates :) - Moni