Monday, May 19, 2014

Progress, and meta-progress, on my blogging/coding/project management project

I got (some) of my old blog entries to (partially) load into a django_cms development server:

which mostly served to show that probably nobody will ever want to read most or all of these posts ever again.  But I won't let that stop me!

I got passable results using Redmine to break out the work and then to track it:

This is quite workable, although it doesn't meet a lot of the requirements I would have to use it seriously.  For example, notice that the green progress bars only show progress for tasks with subtasks.  Finishing a task without children does not produce a nice green bar.  Nor it is scaled by estimated effort.

I had planned to preserve the old URLs, hacking something into django-cms to catch and map all old addresses to the newly imported content, but after realizing that Google has wiped all traces of my site since it's been down for years, that became a much lower priority.  I guess I should figure out how to search Google for links to my site, to see if any are left, but that would be pretty sad.  I will, however, have to think about preserving the links since those are recent and getting some traffic.

One thing that worked, somewhat, was the integration with Toggl via the Chrome plugin, although I'm still not sure if that's elegance or pure kludge or both.

I guess kludge, because none of that data sent back to Redmine in any way.  But anyway, every step brings me closer to unleashing poorly written political tantrums from 2003 back onto the internet. 

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