Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lovable losers?

Normally I wear the hat of whichever of my two teams won yesterday.  And the Tigers won and the Dodgers lost.  But ... the random number generator of fate put up a hell of a game yesterday:

The Dodgers fell behind 7-0 early, then 9-2, got as close as 9-7, and then gave up another 9 runs.  Second backup catcher Drew Butera appeared in relief for the second time in four days.  Yesterday morning the Dodgers were 8 and 1 vs Arizona, beating them on two different contintents and with a 53/28 run differential.  Today it's 8-2 and 60/46.

So, out of solidarity and because my individual actions as a fan surely make as much of a different as voting, this morning is Blue.

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