Thursday, April 24, 2014

Knitting Update: Wolverine blanket second try; hats, hats, hats

I have three active projects right now and two queued up. I'm on the second try for the Wolverine blanket. It seems to be coming out okay this time. The Honeycomb Brioche stitch is kind of annoying because it's fairly hard to read, and fairly hard to repair even a single stitch mistake. Using the dark yarn and knitting in dim light isn't helping. Also, it very clearly has a good side and a bad side, which I regret. And I have no real idea how to knit vertical color stripes: if you just switch yarns at the border, you get two parallel pieces of knitting that don't actually touch each other. So I'm sort of improvising, and I haven't discarded the idea of getting professional help to learn how to do this properly and then dropping those seams and re-knitting them before binding off the blanket.

This plain blue hat benefited greatly, in my opinion, from the addition of the while flower-petal-thing, neatly sowed on by MiL.

This funky beanie is Monica's present to me.  Well, the yarn, needles, and pattern are the present; some assembly required.  I'm done except that I don't know exactly I'm supposed to do with the tail?

Next in the queue: a hippie-colored triangle hat thing.

Also I did some test patterns with this tiny, tiny yarn I was lent for a request.  I had to get size 0 needles to work it, but it's actually fine.  I do think I'm going to stick with a simple pattern, probably stockinette, since it will be so many stitches.

The Ravelry projects.

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