Friday, April 25, 2014

I love the free market

I'm a few chapters into Piketty, and I have reams of notes to type up from David Graeber's Debt.  Nonetheless, the world is not simple and the free market has many good effects.  When I want to each junk food for breakfast, I have to wait until 8 am for the Walgreens drugstore a block away to open.  But a CVS drugstore just opened up a block further, and it opens at 7 am.  Of course I can't actually go there at 7 am because there's no place to put Kona and it's a sketchier block.  But.  Today when I went for my store-bought smoothie at Walgreens I saw that they are changing their hours to open at 7 am.

On the other hand, the market fails pretty often.  The ground floor of this buildinng was a grocery store that closed in 2006, and it's been on the market since 2011 (maybe it was a different grocery store between 2006 and 2011?  Why doesn't the internet have this information more handy?).  But since before we moved in several years ago, it's just been 34,200 square feet of nothing.  Rumor has it that much of the real estate for blocks around has been snapped up by health care interests in anticipation of the new hospital.  And, on that note, you can still see the top of the old hotel at the new hospital site:

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