Wednesday, March 26, 2014

San Francisco Real Estate Update: North Tower still available at Bring-your-own-walls project

The market in San Francisco is so incredibly fast-paced that, when a developer tried to sell units as not just un-furnished, but un-walled, un-windowed, and un-ceilinged, they didn't wait very long to see if it worked.  A month after construction was complete, no units had sold, and so the South Tower is already almost completely gone.

If this real estate concept intrigues you, hurry, because if they don't sell anything in the North Tower by the end of March, that's going down too, and who knows what they'll put up next?  The jackhammers are bothering me even as I type this.

(As you can see, HVAC is provided, as are floors and columns.  I guess you have to work out with your neighbors just where the walls go, but good fences make good neighbors, so that should be a lovely housewarming activity.  No elevators, and I'm not sure about stairs - you may need to bring a rope ladder.  Also, the penthouse level includes windows, so that's a steal at about $1500/sqft.)

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