Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If life is a journey, incomplete projects should be fulfilling

Under that premise, I'm very fulfilled by my current active projects:

A "brioche" blanket for which I just learned Knit One Below (I hope); a pair of tiny legwarmers; a blue hat that won't go with a pom-pom but still needs some kind of white highlight; and a two-tone blue beanie that was a gift (the pattern, needle, and yarn was a gift; the beanie itself is a notional gift that exists some time in the future.  But I'm excited because I'm not comfortable finishing hats without puckering, especially shallow hats, so following a rigid pattern should be helpful).

Also, I struck out at Britex on fancy fabric labelling paraphernalia so I went with medical tape.  I still have a lot of empty pockets so I guess I should buy some more needles.

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