Friday, January 10, 2014

My biggest cabling project yet

And it's a hat.

Although it's a bit on the small size, it stretches fine and is comfortable.  The pattern does change a lot when it's worn, because the cables don't expand but the ribbing does.

The pattern is [9-stitch wide cable, purl 3, knit 2, purl] * 6, for 90 stitches cast on.  The whole thing is about 50 rows high.  After the third cable repeat, I started coming in, and squeezed in one last row of cable twists with about six stitches per cable instead of nine.  I used a circular bamboo size 8 needle, switching to my metal size 6 with the long cable so that I could use magic looping to finish.  Every other special cabling row requires two cabling needles, so I experimented with one wood cabling needle and one plastic hook-shaped needle.  The wood hook is certainly much prettier; the plastic needle has a long and a short end so I can always tell which side I put the stitches on so they don't get twisted.

The Ravelry project.

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