Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nomination for first against the wall

After reading this Explanation of Benefits three or four times, I think that the meaning is: "You got some tests recently, and your doctor billed you (or rather us, your insurance company, on your behalf) $136.84 to tell you the results of the tests, and we immediately thought about paying as much as $106.74, and we considered paying the rest, but it turns out that the tests come back from the lab in form that you yourself could already understand, such as "normal" instead of "311 mg/L", and so we aren't going to pay your doctor to read you that; and because we are an insurance company, we can simply refuse to pay and your doctor has to accept that; so you don't have to pay anything either directly or via insurance to have your test results read to you."  Note that this is the new, easier to understand Explanation of Benefits, not the bad old hard-to-understand one.

Insurance companies: even when they are telling you good news, they make you unhappy.  I'm not even sure who I'm nominating here, the insurance company or the doctor (i.e. the UCSF machine) for practically charging me for the oxygen they consume.

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