Friday, November 1, 2013

Praying, obeying, and endlessly praising

... walk into any synagogue during any service and almost the entire content will be about praying, obeying and endlessly praising a medieval conceptualization of God.  ... many Jews find the current ritual practice at temple, with its obsession over an anthropomorphic God as envisioned in the superstitious Middle Ages, repellent ... formal Jewish practice has gotten itself stuck in rituals that insult our intelligence as a modern thoughtful people, and turn us away from our heritage.
Dan Bodner.  Oct 18, 2013.  Letter to the editor.  J. the Jewish news weekly p 20

I first had a thought like this about thirty years ago, and have felt this way ever since, but have never been able to come as close to articulating it as this formulation.

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